Generalized Digital Reassembly using Geometric Registration

TitleGeneralized Digital Reassembly using Geometric Registration
Publication TypeConference Proceedings
Year of Conference2015
AuthorsAndreadis, A, Papaioannou, G, Mavridis, P
Conference NameProc. IEEE/EG Digital Heritage

We present a novel and generic user-guided approach for the digital reconstruction of cultural heritage finds from fragments, which operates directly on generic 3D objects. Central to our approach is a three-tier geometric registration approach that addresses the reassembly problem using i) the contact surface of the fractured objects, ii) feature curves on the intact surfaces and iii) partial object symmetries. In contrast to most existing methodologies, our approach is more generic and addresses even the most difficult cases, where contact surface is unusable, small or absent. We evaluate our method using digitized fragments from the Nidaros Cathedral.