How precious is PRESIOUS – the company perspective

Dr Dirk Rieke-Zapp, Breuckmann GmbH
eCult Winter Stage - the Acropolis Museum, Athens, Greece


The eCult Ambassadors Winter Stage was organised by the eCult project together with the Acropolis Museum and took place in Athens, Greece, on 8 – 9 December 2014. There was a huge interest in the event, with more registered participants than expected. Participation in the eCult Winter Stage was meant to assist eCult "ambassadors" in becoming the proactive mediators between technology providers and cultural heritage stakeholders, through novel hands-on activities to provide participants with a deeper insight into the state of the art technologies for Cultural Heritage coming from EU funded projects such as CHESS, meSch, PRESIOUS, TAGCLOUR, LoCloud or the technologies used in the collection of the Acropolis Museum.

The company's perspective of the results of PRESIOUS was presented on the first day of the event and the presentation by Breuckmann GmbH is now online.

Furthermore, the scope and achievements so far of the PRESIOUS project were showcased to the visitors through an extensive running presentation, a poster and a live demonstration of the automatic reassembly procedure.