Towards the Creation of Digital Stones from 2D Samples

TitleTowards the Creation of Digital Stones from 2D Samples
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsSchellewald, C, Perakis, P, Theoharis, T
Conference NameEurographics Workshop on Graphics and Cultural Heritage

In order to decide which preservation strategies one should follow for Cultural Heritage objects made of stone, it is necessary to estimate the impact of different alternative strategies. A useful aid in such a process is the simulation of the stone degradation process. The first step in such a process is to create realistic digital representations of stones. In this work we present early efforts to create 3D voxelized representations of stones from given 2D example-textures of the desired stone-material. The process aims at the creation of 3D stone materials, consistentwith 2D samples. The presented work is one part of the PRESIOUS EU project.