Project Goals

In the past decade, significant effort has been put in the direction of developing robust methodologies and supporting technology for enabling and populating specialized repositories of digitized cultural heritage (CH) artifacts. Many EU and worldwide initiatives and funded projects have contributed to defining best practices for digitization of CH objects. Furthermore, a systematic effort has been focused on the process of cataloguing and enrichment of the available digital CH object versions with ontological metadata, capable of conveying meaningful interpretations in a multitude of application scenarios such as on-line digital repositories and virtual reconstructions. Up to now, digitized data have been exploited in their existing form in numerous CH application scenarios. The rapidly increasing digitized CH content however, can be used to provide feedback to the generation of new information itself. PRESIOUS will research and develop innovative methods and technologies to augment the geometric data of digital CH objects by predictive generative processes guided by geometry processing, analysis and shape matching methods for 3D objects resulting in:

  • Innovative and competitive European products for the CH market, given that Europe has the largest density of CH institutions (users) among all continents.
  • A reduction of the effort and cost involved in 3D digitization by an order of magnitude and improved data quality through radical re-design of the digitization process.
  • An innovative approach to computer-assisted CH object restoration and preservation that boosts efficiency and reduces time and cost.

Technology with potential exploitation transcending the CH domain.